You think you're cool, but you're not goth girl with a raven on the subway cool.

Real Fake News: Activists Circulate Counterfeit Editions Of 'The Washington Post' : NPR


Go Vote! Polls are open until 7 PM. Don't know where to go? Visit for details.

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Encore Presentation - Blog Oklahoma Podcast: A Halloween Music Special - Audio version (mp3)

The is an encore presentation of the October 31, 2015, Halloween Special. It's a remix from the Blog Oklahoma Podcast archives: Blog Oklahoma Podcast 83: Special Halloween Music Spooktacular and Blog Oklahoma Podcast 45: The Halloween Special.

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Anti-transgender bigots sink to new low with latest ad – ThinkProgress

Oklahoma podcasts: A (damn-near) comprehensive list

A big thank you to NonDoc for listing my podcast. In with a lot of great company. It's always great to discover new Oklahoma podcasts to subscribe to.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast

Now this means I better get busy and get a new episode out. No pressure. 😀

Evacuations ordered for SC coast as Hurricane Florence nears, effective Tuesday | News |

Oklahoma Politics #okvotes18 

RT @OKelections: Oklahoma State Election Board
Phase 1 of Online Voter Registration is now live! Update your voter registration information including your address or party affiliation:

RT @AP - Twitter is permanently banning conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Infowars for abusive behavior.

About F'ing time Twitter.

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