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avery @puppy@chitter.xyz

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heres the custom field boxes on my profile for those of you using clients that dont support them

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lb: *makes important note*

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i just learned that lemurs purr and im on the verge of tears

..never mind, the thing im using to download it has a "shut down on completeion" button. right! time for bed

waitin for a windows iso to finish downloading so i can go to bed x-x

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i should compile a list of avery approved android apps

(some episodes just, fail to show up at all, the way it downloads episodes aint very solid and overall it feels very much like an app that put its design before its functionality)

i miss having pocket casts as my main podcast app bc it was really pretty and shiny and nice to look at but its been completely broken for me consistently so whoops

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@puppy we couldnt get the rights to distribute these mp3 files of people talking that are freely available online

(personally i still dont get the reasoning behind having podcasts on music streaming services tbh)

i didnae wanna use your shitey streaming services for podcasts anyway

google this is possibly the most ridiculous and buckwild thing you could tell me ever

what the fuck do you mean "podcasts are not available in my country" that makes literally no sense

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just worked out how much i need to repay to my friend for him buying my phone ahead of time: ยฃ158.69

again, i only have about ยฃ30 free spending money every two weeks from the meagre jobseekers benefit money i get so if any of y'all can help with this in any way, it'd be super appreciated ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’š


that link has my deadname but im not too bothered about it. if youre unable to help then pls boost thank you. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

i dont understand cucumbers

wanna play a video games with friends but that takes effort