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:blobuwu: @puppy

hello friend!!

@puppy やるぞ means like, "i'm gonna do it!!", but ぞう means elephant 象

so that's why it says やるゾウ!

that's an elephant, not an elecan''t

@amphetamine @puppy I was wondering why it switched to katakana in the middle! Thank you for explaining the pun 😁

@amphetamine @puppy Oh my god !!
This giant elephant is going to destroy the town, aaaah !!!
(Running around for his life with the arms up while crying)

@Monty @amphetamine theyre gonna give u a cuddle

@puppy someone should make a Naruto character lineup with all the other characters renamed to foodstuffs as well but I don't know enough about Naruto to make that joke myself

@puppy ah yes, Tamagoyaki, the main antagonist in series 4

@puppy can someone tell me what "oshidashi" means here? a cursory google search tells me it's a type of winning technique in sumo wrestling, but i fail to see the connection - is it just saying "our product pushes our competitors out of the ring" or such?

@typhlosion oh right i know what it means now.

ok so in the advert, after the "OSHIDASHI?" part, it shows the star/moon part of the product (gum?) being pushed out. so im guessing its something to do with that. google directly translates it as "extrusion" and its otherwise called "frontal push out" so, i guess that would be it

@typhlosion also of note; i captured the OSHIDASHI? frame badly, theres a tiny black arrow pointing down at the product that flashes during that bit