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hey now is a good time as any to just remind yall to not boost any of my posts tagged as negative unless i give you the go ahead thanks

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currently rendering a video of a song by j-punk band panicsmile which sounds absurdly discordant because every instrument is playing *just* a bit too slow and everyone is out of sync with each other. on purpose.

holy fuck their slogan is "shake your ass, take back democracy" what a fucking incredible thing this project is

oh maybe not nuclear power but just. nuclear shit in general

apparently one of the tracks is anti-nuclear power too, interesting stuff here it is if you wanna listen but all the rapping etc is in japanese so if you dont know it is more just kind of a p sick collection of bangers

oh holy shit okay lmao okay so the ass cheeks part is literally because of this weird interpretation of the overuse of "ass" in rap music whilst the "left" part is because the album is actually sort of political and pushes leftist stuff

this is....immediately a lot cooler than i realized

oh no takkyu ishino did a lot of solo music now i have to collect a bunch of music

along with acquiring every denki groove album hrm

i dont have the space or patience for this....or the internet speed

the first song just has text to speech synths repeating that name as well

just found out one of my favourite japanese dj/producers has produced an album for a rapper that is just called "left ass cheeks", what even is

(i do not have birthday money yet)

(my birthday is still not for another three weeks)

yknow how i mentioned those bluetooth headphones i almost got but couldnt bc too expensive and also bc i didnt need them

might fuck around and get them with birthday money tbh

@codl did you see the hell orbs chopped and screwed megamix that drewtoothpaste did

when cats are sleeping and they do a little sigh. thanks for reading

@page oh no I didn't notice the avatar change oh no cute puppy

just played more vr tetris effect for a while and now I'm all snoozy tired oh no

πŸŽ‰ A podcast recording went off without the audio fucking itself over

here is the last 14 minutes of an endless marathon playthrough I had wherein I was perpetually doing well and doing badly in a wonderful yo-yo like way

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