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Correcting people on my gender like "okay first of all I'm not a man, I'm a dog,"

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what if we kissed whilst huge danny was playing his summer set 😳

that's a solid price for that game, the perfect "sure, why not" price.

im not the biggest bethesda game fan but sometimes its comfy to play their stuff, i also picked up a key for oblivion goty the other day because it was at the "sure why not" price of like £2.30 lol

still not sure i can reason out spending nearly £9 on hack gu when im not toooooooo keen on wanting it (and also come to think of it, i can just play it on marks ps4)

fallout 4 for less than £4 tho? yeah ill do you for that

at some point ill afford that £27 for the base forza horizon 4 game =w=

go figure, cdkeys is selling it for £8.49 even

really gonna have to pick it up some time

yo what in the fuck, gamersgate (the games storefront that existed before the OTHER thing, i cannot stress that enough) had hack gu last recode going for £8.10 a couple months ago

jesus christ it goes really cheap nowadays, a lot of places just sell it off for £10

ill add that to the "ridiculously long rpg collection that have windows ports that i really want to play some time but never will even if i end up buying it at some point"

next to .hack//g.u. last recode

ooooooooooooo bamco are releasing a digimon story cyber sleuth windows port that includes hackers memory in 3 days

hard mode: it cant be a japanese band

whats the most fake sounding name for a real band you know of

like what name for an actual real band that has released music commercially sounds the most fake to you

though that name has a reason for being that ridiculous

its pretty close to "ogre you asshole" for me

of all the cool obscure bands i listen to and know of, spangle call lilli line is up there with "most fake sounding name" and "coolest name" simultaneously

oooooo new spangle call lilli line album

i really hope he goes back to the style he did in the old conspiracy eps cos those 6 tracks are incredible

hm, gesaffelstein surprise dropped an ep earlier this month thats closer to the ep's he was doing on turbo before aleph and its really good. i was never a fan of the work he did on aleph outside of "pursuit" and i hear hyperion is just garbage compared to it as well so whoof

its very cute and i love renamon a lot but its too horny for me to just casually use lmao

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