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just spent like an hour in LYNE just so i could add this to my steam profile

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I'm just puppy, soft and sleepy, pick me up and give me a cuddle

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terry crews doing a yule log video where he just paints and commentates bob ross style is very a terry crews thing to do and i love it

its definitely prerecorded tho...for that reason i hope the full thing stays up after nbc are done streaming it cos i wanna see every dang minute of this


Terry Crews is live-painting Bob Ross style on YouTube right now:

one BIG helping note that ill give you because i didnt immediately see it: the enemies have arrows pointing where theyre going to move next after your move. once you notice that and start strategizing around that, it should click

ill note the game's tutorial does its best to cover the absolute basics but any extras arent covered as kenny "couldnt be bothered tutorializing it" (his words shown in game); i will note, your first few games will be a bit of a mess and confusing and you wont get it

but i promise you itll click

look hes cute i cant help it okay

he has a cute santa outfit on and all in the one i got nya nya

it was 79p so i thought why not bc i like a bit of picross and its one of those weird colour picross things and has cute animal people in it so arent i just the most easily pandered to person

also i just bought a really cheaply made looking casual game thats of the nonogram/picross variety purely because it was christmas themed and also had a really cute sloth dude in it

note: its cheaper on phones than it is on steam; id recommend getting it on phones since its very much a game suited to that rather than pc

its on steam and ios/android, just search for "twinfold"

just found out that kenny sun, one of my favourite indie devs (he made circa infinity and yankai's triangle/peak) put out another new puzzle game recently called TWINFOLD and its this fascinating little gem which basically takes Threes and incorporates a bit of into the breach with it, turning it into this kinda semi roguelike

its really damn good once it clicks honestly, worth a look considering it costs like 5 bucks

its time we bring him to mastodon. see untagfed porn on the local tl? safe for work sasuke. people bein little freaks? safe for work sasuke. daring to actually go to the cursed land that is the fed timeline? safe for work sasuke.

world's best ( and most excitable) secretary

remembered that catboots had those cute "very soft" tshirt designs and i kinda wanted one and thankfully there is a gender neutral "very soft friend" one but heck 20 quid is a lot to pay for one single tshirt x-x

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