I emailed them about the W9 thing.


(extremely brian butterfield voice) huts o' piza

I totally have a sense of endearment to it all though

I'm very much of a "yeah it's a shitehole but it's MY shitehole" mindset

home to a very populated train station and its right next to one of the most run down towns in the area, tis a shame

anyway there's your bit of Stoke posting for the day. there's worse places than this in stoke mind

see also: Burslem, Longton

wait no, more than 10 years since I distinctly remember going into one of the shops in that plaza as a kid

like it's an abandoned shopping plaza right next to an abandoned bus station right next to the current bus station and also the town in general

thereve been plans to sort it out and turn it into something else but its all fallen through so its sat there disused for like more than 20 years at this point lmao

that entire area is fascinating on account of it being this completely abandoned and disused area right slap bang at the end of a very popular shopping and transport area of town

I have pics of it before it was boarded up floating around somewhere, I should post them again

the abandoned shopping plaza in Hanley was boarded up and then consequently those board were partly broken down and now I really wanna get some close up shots of it since nature is taking over it

fully prepared to go back to comfy life of doing nowt and being in a comfy chair watching videos

really sleepy, hungry and in mild pain from body being exhausted in general

I'm also very late for work, today officially sucks arse tbh

comforting thoughts of soff plush datefriend, snuggle gentle and warm nuzzl,,, nya,,,

this wikipedia disambiguation page doubles as a powerful artistic statement on the duality of man

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