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Correcting people on my gender like "okay first of all I'm not a man, I'm a dog,"

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what if we kissed whilst huge danny was playing his summer set 😳

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Thanks for explaining the word "many" to me. It means a lot.

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aa the soff pic ase drew got so much attention on twit,,,,incl rts from a couple of other fave artists,,,gosh,,

pupy is famouse,

oh no i found a discord bot that just stays in whatever voice channel you put it in and plays lo-fi hip hop music endlessly

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revisiting osamu sato's "the art of computer designing" book again and im still utterly fascinated by the way he creates such complex creatures out of such simple methods!

can heartily recommend works.9 as a comfy thing to have in the background

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i'm sure y'all have been waiting for my opinion on the minecraft bees so here it is: i'm going to kiss every single one on the tops of their little square heads, praise be to miku

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mmm, diverse system's works.9 is a very good album. its a lot more consistent quality wise than 8

owning myself by downloading too many ps2 games and running out of space on the ssd and crying

aa ty to the two cuties who helped pay for those train tix <3 <3 im excited i havent been to scotland in so long aa

then theres also the fact of me being a fuckin awkward dickhead about food and man im gonna be more of a burden than anything else lol

tryin to see if i can get decent prices for train so i can spend vivi's birthday with her whilst shes up there but its very much looking like that might not happen on account of "goddammit why are trains so pricy"

though i suppose its understandably expensive when im trying to get from like slightly over halfway down england all the way up to edinburgh

semi serious money req, travel expenses 

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