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hey now is a good time as any to just remind yall to not boost any of my posts tagged as negative unless i give you the go ahead thanks

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That's right, #Florence #Forkoff has gone live with its first usable pre-release! 🎉

Blog post:


For now the fork is essentially "Mastodon 2.9.0 with benefits", but in coming months more exciting features will be introduced. But this is a big milestone - it is no longer "vaporware" 🤩

considering makin a nice little listicle for some go-to psychedelic video games on pc bc theyre probs my favourite genre of games after puzzles

ooooo gonna get some mentoring at nova party later this week and learn how the demoscene cookie is made

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👱🏻 scuse me driver diz this bus goty fuckin, Ibiza?
💁🏻‍♂️ naw it disny am afraid pal
👱🏻 diz it no go near tae Ibiza?
💁🏻‍♂️ naw it goes tae fuckin, Fintry, an that awa
👱🏻 which bus dae a get fir fuckin, Ibiza?
💁🏻‍♂️ you wanny get the fuckin, Venga bus fir that yin ken
👱🏻 whaurs that go fae?
💁🏻‍♂️ you can get it fae fuckin, Douglas Street ken by the post office. you'll hear it comin since it's got a pretty distinctive soond

vinesauce vinny played it for the most recent getting weird with it if you wanna try it. really fun sound design tbqh.

eye strain warning even on this url tbqh, its painful to look at.

id offer to mirror the zip file somewhere but the game itself isnt much better eye strain wise

found a cool obscure little shooty gem of a game that jeff minter fans would probably quite like as its heavy on the strobe flashing and eye straining visuals

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okay retro game music nerds hit me with your recommendations

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re: PSA: Keen Dreams on switch (don't buy it) (nazis, violence) Show more

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PSA: Keen Dreams on switch (don't buy it) (nazis, violence) Show more

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Meanwhile, do I still miss this dingus? Yes. I do.

But I’ll see him very soon!


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hey guys!! just as a small reminder I'm offering #pride icons like this (which I made for @lithiumreflections )

$8 USD for icons with ace flag backgrounds, $10 USD for everything else. hmu if you're interested!


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@bclindner This originates at Flokinet IS, a "bulletproof" host associated with known right-wing troll Vincent Canfield of fame. Recommend blocking their entire AS. This is shared hosting at 1and1, I've already contacted their abuse desk.

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The current spam wave originates at I have confirmed with another admin that this IP seems to be stable at least for today's spam.

They have selected instances via in the past, so if you're listed there you might be more at risk.

You can stop it for now by adding `deny;` to the server block in your nginx config.

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