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just spent like an hour in LYNE just so i could add this to my steam profile

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FL studio is the only music program thing alongside korg gadget on switch where I've sort of been able to make a thing out of it even if it was terrible and a joke

i may look into how easy/hard it is to make a simple mod that makes the gps go boop when the speed limit changes

modding ets2 seems to be a huge pain in the butt from what i can tell and the things i actually want to add to it dont seem to entirely exist found one that makes a noise when you go over the speed limit which is useful but i want one thatll go "boop" when the speed limit suddenly changes so i know to look over and see what the new limit is

question to any friends who play euro truck sim 2 and use mods: are there any mods out there that make your gps make a noise when the speed limit changes or when speed cameras are coming up like an actual gps system?

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from his one 12 minute video about the history of LJN ive learned that:

-the company was setup specifically for toys

- the founder jumped ship shortly after MCA acquired it and started moving toward video games

- said founder then went on to found THQ and again jumped ship when it was heading toward video games

- and THEN that he went on to found fuckin jakks pacific

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god gaming historian is so fucking good

i figured it mightve affected my quick job list but it doesnt seem to have done anything which makes me wonder how badly i have to do in order to make the game start taking potential jobs away from me

at some point during my recent truck sim job i gave up and just started fucking about and driving like an arsehole to see what would happen and it turns out, this,

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been listening to a lot of kate bush recently and really enjoying her stuff tbh

the dreaming is definitely up there as my fave alongside tunes like thsi

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