@Siphonay game lad colour is an original bit and a fun play on UK english

the other is a bit of a tired meme at this point though the zootopia font spices it up a little

@pupy honestly I was just looking for something more challenging and original than "toot" to write with the zootopia font and that's the first thing that came to me

@Siphonay thats fair tbh

it is very amusing regardless of how tired the meme is at this point 'w'

@pupy this low effort "vaporwave" version that it just the song but slowed down is really relaxing youtube.com/watch?v=U_IsGFQ-xX

@Siphonay low effort vaporwave is very much three words to describe me

@Siphonay tho this was less "Low effort" and more "accidental outsider art because Oh God How Does I Vape Waves"

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