attention to people dual booting windows 10 with linux: windows 10 is doing a fun thing where if windows update needs more room for said updates, it will *delete other partitions on the hard drive*

once again: windows 10 is utter shit and really not worth using at all. theres not much time left on them support wise but both windows 7 and 8.1 are solid choices to use over 10 for the time being

at the same time: i cant see this issue lasting very long and i can very much see microsoft rushing out an update to fix this serious error.

more info:

windows 7 is good until january 2020.

windows 8.1 is good until january 2023.

personally i prefer 8.1 over 7 but both are still infinitely better than the burning trash heap that is 10.

personally ive gone to using linux full time save for points where i need windows for editing purposes. but im not going to recommend such a set up myself since i know for a fact that not everyone can just move to linux for a lot of different resasons. not to mention its not that much better than windows imho

but i still very much recommend you use 8.1 over 10. less intrusive, doesnt pull absolute bullshit like this, the updates fucking work....the only real down side is youll need a third party app (classic shell!) to replace the start menu and also the pc settings app is fullscreen only

however those two downsides are worth it over the shit that 10 consistently pulls

either way. whatever option you pick. please just purge windows 10 from your computer if you can. the only way this horseshit will be stopped is if a lot of people stop using it en masse over something else, including older windows versions

i really hope by 2023 microsoft stops this "operating system as a service" bs

heres a proper reminder to people replying to this; i have this post muted for obvious reasons. its too big for me to repost it publicly unfortunately but feel free to do so yourself since itll help get the word out.

its been said this isnt new behaviour, but judging from the reaction to this post, its the first time a lot of ppl have heard of it so yeah.

@pupy I'd love to agree with you, although W10 was already installed on my laptop and there's no easy way to switch it to 8.1.

Is there a way to prevent this like will it warn if it's wanting to erase the Linux part ?

@Strabysme jugding from the article, it won't warn you. wrt already being on 8.1, thats an easy fix but it means wiping your hard drive

@pupy you need to buy another license? Because they ain't cheap :blobsweats:

@pupy rofl

There'z pirates in da sea
They hijack yarr Wi-Fi and nom nom your cookies at night

(offered by my bored self :thinkhappy:)

@pupy i'm curious - what do you prefer about 8.1 over 7? and, is there a way to get it?

10 is tempting because my brain wants the ✨shiny upgrade✨ and I've heard the core would run better were it not for all the garbage windows put on top of it but

all said garbage and spyware and shit like this makes it just a little too much for me

@snailerotica 8.1 is a bit better optimized (ive always moticed a speed improvment going to it from other versions of windows), its supported for longer and it looks nicer

@snailerotica 7 is good but its somewhat sluggish in comparison and it overall feels very dated

it does nicely for older computers mind


Another possible alternative is running windows in a virtual machine on linux, if anyone needs help doing that then I'm happy to help teach people how :)

@pupy I'm guessing this is because Windows doesn't know filesystems other than FAT and NTFS so any other fs must be unused

@pupy dual booting Windows with Linux is a bad idea because Linux never reboots and Windows is constantly in a state of rebooting so there's no reason to ever switch between them.

Also, if you want to run Linux software on a Win10 machine, you can literally install Ubuntu from the Microsoft store:

@ben @pupy Windows is not "constantly rebooting", you just have to disable the hybrid shutdown mode and it will shut down properly

@pupy I once needed to boot Windows 10 once in order to flash my GPU's firmware. I was booting it from external HDD in UEFI mode. After I was done with flashing I realised that when I boot my internal drive Windows error comes up. Upon further inspection I realised Windows has added Windows Boot Manager to it's non-boot drive and made it default just because.

@rinpatch @pupy Hooooly hell that's bad. Windows, why. I'm glad I'm able to mostly move away from using it.

@pupy I did have some trouble dual booting before because Windows wouldn't let me use Linux again once I logged into the former. But this is just ridiculous.

W-wow. That article is totally apologetic propaganda. The tone seems like they're trying to blame Linux for being in the way rather than saying how Windows overwriting data on an unmounted partition without making sure the user is okay with it is anti-competitive & anti-consumer choice bullshit.

"How can you stop Windows from overwriting you Linux partition? You can't, so just back up your data & do everything over again like a good little Microsoft user."

Then there's this:

I mean, there really isn't much anyone in this situation can do because Microsoft doesn't care about their users if they so much as hint at wanting something better, but the writer should at least put blame where it belongs.

@KitsuneAlicia @pupy i think the article is just trying to be pragmatic, but comes off as apologetic and does a weird version of victim blaming (tech blaming?)

Pragmatic? You mean avoid assigning blame where it's due like an eternal centrist? If that's what pragmatic means, I'd rather just be reasonable and call out bullshit.

@KitsuneAlicia no pragmatic like "ok so you're dual booting and don't want your shit to get deleted, here's some things you can do as an individual who doesn't want your shit deleted"

@KitsuneAlicia (like i said it's not a good article, and comes off extremely badly, but yes i think the author has centrist brainworms or something that makes them unable to stick to pragmatic advice)

But they avoid even mentioning the problem and go out of their way to defend Microsoft, literally saying it's a wonder it even tolerates Linux at all when it's doing stuff it has no reason to be doing. That's not pragmatism. That's apologetics and victim-blaming. They clearly have chosen a side, and it's not the consumers.

@KitsuneAlicia i think they are more incompetent than malfeasant, but either way, it's a shit article

@pupy Good thing I never did this on just one drive. And always used two different drives, so windows just ignores that.

@pupy @garbados Jeeesus. I've long paranoidly made Windows installs solely on their own drives, but mostly just due to Windows sometimes clobbering bootloaders, nothing *this* insane.

@pupy @garbados (I do always kindof love when I boot into Windows and then it decides it needs to reboot to finish updates. "Oh, how cute, it still hasn't learned how to apply OS updates without rebooting! And it thinks it's set to boot automatically, awww, that's just adorable.")

i'd consider tagging this and making it public so more people see it

@pupy and they consider this "normal" of Windows to erase partitions ?
I'm sorry but if this happened to me I'd sue them right away.

@pupy What the heck?
And here I was thinking Win 10s update policy couldn't get any worse 😠

@pupy oh holy shit it only now occurs to me, I wonder what this does on Macs with Win10 installed via Boot Camp

@theoutrider @pupy don't mind me, just bulk ordering popcorn.

Dis gonna be good.

@pupy me, who mainly uses linux for personal use but has to use windows on my home desktop for work: oh goody!!!

@nev YEAH that was basically my reaction too lmao

@pupy I may actually try to figure out how to pirate & install their long-term release version (whatever it's called now) for fewer annoyances

@nev its not that much better ill be super honest

@pupy ugh. I might just get rid of Windows then. Is it just me or is it getting to be more of a pain over time?

@nev nope thats very much the fact honestly

@jr thats irrelevant, its still useful to let people know. a lot of folks here have clearly never heard of this being a thing so, yeah,

@pupy yea sure but I wanted to say why this is hyped now? This problem exists since windows 10 came out

@jr not really hyped more of a "icymi, heads up this is a thing that happens"

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