New episode of Too Much Not Enough! @deerful and I talk about mobile music production, aka making songs on your phone and other portable computer devices!

@darius @deerful Am a little bit low on the ol' time to listen thru to this right now, but the couple of links mentioned in the description are a lil old and talk about android having issues with things like latency this still the case with current versions of droid? thought id ask since i can't easily get onto ios for cost reasons myself

@pupy @deerful
new high end Android phones don't have latency issues but that's still only a small percentage of actual phones people use (my phone works just fine)

@darius @deerful hrm. not ideal then. ill hedge my bets and look into me choices and that but otherwise it doesnt seem like its gonna be my scene unfortunately :(

@darius @deerful painful to think that a beginner friendly entry point to making music is locked away behind the most expensive phone platform on the market tbqh

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