you ever just think about james from pokemon and just go "same"

nonbinary icon james from team rocket

james is nb as fuck and jessie is lesbian as hell and there is nothing you can do to take this (head) canon away from me

also i hope their meowth picks up on the concept that they can choose a name to go by

it must be awkward to be one of the few sentient sapient pokemon in the world and still go by your species name


i want to take jesse, james and meowth from the regular pokemon series and place them into a more fun and open animated show where they are free to be themselves 100% of the time instead of 50% of the time and also its like significantly more gayer and queer and theres an entire character arc dedicated to meowth finding their own identity

jesse and james are definitely roommates that are childhood friends which is why their bond is so tight, meowth was brought in as a shared pet and it unexpectedly ended up learning how to talk english so now theyre more like a third roommate at this point

is it before or after team rocket??? ehhh lets just say its an "alternate universe non-canon" type spinoff but specifically to keep the executives happy, the true fans know whats REALLY up 😉

anyway nintendo, cartoon network, hmu lads im ready to start producing this when you are

omg imagine a cute scene of a cozy night in and theyre watchin a movie n james is layin on the sofa w/ their head on jessies lap and like

jessie is gently givin james headscritchies whilst james holds meowth and gives /them/ headscritchies too


i need this!! i need the extremely gay and cute jesse n james spinoff show

@pupy meowth's voiced by a trans woman so. yes :blobcatsip:

@00dani ....This is a very fucking good point,

@00dani i already knew this but i had forgot it was the case and dammit now i want this cute spinoff show even MORE

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