crunchyroll is promoting its new spring arrivals for simulcasts, with a brief one line description of each show

and God I fucking love the sheer apathy contained in this sentence so much

he's *still* solving cases and he's *still * fucking 10

@robotcarsley @Jo cop-adjacent sure but they are not directly cops

@robotcarsley @Jo detectives are more "i will review what is available on the scene and use the power of deduction and, depending on my time period, forensics to figure out who did the crime and report to the people"

vs cops who are "that person looks like they might have done it, shoot them now"

@robotcarsley @Jo tbh jimmy/conan is a fucking rubbish detective because he assumes literally any and all cases he somehow manages to attract toward himself are inherently linked to finding out who turned him into a kid

@pupy @Jo haha he was turned into a kid? I thought he was just Doogie Howser J. D.

@robotcarsley @Jo nah the story is that he's a high school teen that got caught by some Suspicious Mysterious Men (tm), randomly fed a nondescript drug by them and woke up as a 10 year old kid with his actual high school self presumed missing

the plotlines involve him helping out his friends father (who is a professional PI) solve the constant barrage of murder mysteries that seem to conveniently and constantly happen around them by way of voice changer + shenanigans

@robotcarsley @Jo the core storyline of case closed was never its strongest suit, perhaps why its so focused on constantly giving him murder mysteries to solve

@pupy @Jo if you're part of the criminal justice system you're a cop. The only way for a detective to not be a cop is if they use their findings to start a restorative justice process that remains invisible to the police and courts.

@robotcarsley @Jo thats not really how anything works but okay sure

@pupy @Jo no, you're right about that, nothing works that way which is why a detective cannot claim to not be a cop

@robotcarsley @Jo eh im not going to argue against this thing anymore because i feel its a bit fruitless on both ends of the stick

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