@deshipu the market for open homebrew devices is getting crowded?? I've barely heard of any much less of one's still worth buying/being sold today

@deshipu Wake me up when one of them can boast as many units shipped as the worst-selling home computer of 1984. At least any Pi-in-a-box can in principle run the same, relatively normal, Linux games.

@deshipu Didn't they make, like, 250 in all? Just barely enough to finance, or at least justify, the Apple II? Don't get me wrong, that's excellent for the hobbyist market. Which is exactly where all these devices are confined to. Which is fine if that's your goal. Come to think of it, I may have assumed bigger dreams.

@notimetoplay @deshipu meanwhile im over here tinkering with stuff i don't ever intend to sell, just cos it's fun. does that make me... an *ultrahobbyist*

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