rene magritte; a fantastic surrealist painting, crafts gorgeous scenery and fun wordplay with a gentle degree of smugness, easily one of the best modern painters

also magritte: "haha floaty orange boy"

rene magritte: created a very famous painting, a simple one of a pipe, with the subtitle of "this is not a pipe". it is true, but it is an image of a pipe, not an actual pipe. this cheeky wordplay truly makes you think.

also magritte: "haha big apple"

@witchfynder_finder much as those two posts are kind of taking the piss, i genuinely adore rene magritte's work and i dont think i could describe how much its influenced and inspired me

@witchfynder_finder honestly i find "the art of living" a genuinely funny piece of art, theres something inherently amusing about a dude with a great big orange orb for a head and a tiny face

@witchfynder_finder (theres also just the fact that he himself obviously had a very dry sense of humour about him, what with the whole "this is not a pipe" thing)

@pupy Honestly surrealism in general was just early shitposting, like, if someone posted The Art of Living today but in, like, emoji form or something, it would be The Meme of the Fediverse for at least a weekend

@witchfynder_finder see: that magritte painting of a woman's bust...where her face is her actual bust,

@witchfynder_finder magritte's wordplay game is some of the strongest ive ever seen honestly

@pupy "I'm just gonna go out and do a ton of wordplay

"But without any of the words."

@Vordus i mean he did loads of "this is not a <x>" paintings

the man liked to hammer the points home,

@pupy @Vordus

Honestly, if you're an artist and have a great idea, you don't want to just get one thing out of it.

@celesteh @Vordus i mean true but it does have an air of "look lads, how hard is it to get? this *points to painting* isnt a fuckin apple! it's a painting of one!! cmon you shoulda got this with the pipe"

@pupy @celesteh you're forgetting that this was before mass media. And also that he was making money for each variant.

Still 'This is not an apple' is definitely a greatest hits piece.

@presolace oh my god yes I forgot all about this legendary post

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