ffmpeg programming whine 

finding reasonable, complete information and examples on doing things against modern versions of libavcodec/libavformat is so difficult
every time I do anything I end up spending hours poring through random code samples where half the APIs are deprecated. this includes the official ffmpeg samples which are often >10 years old


ffmpeg programming, call for help 

if anyone knows how to mux a raw h264 stream (I get a callback each frame with ptr/len/IDR) into any format, preferably something like mpegts though, with a recent version of libavformat, please let me know
it feels like it should be pretty straightforward but I can't even get past the initialization code

ffmpeg programming, call for help 

there's a few people who have asked about this exact usecase on stackoverflow but the code is all very old and very unreadable and I don't get why

ffmpeg programming, call for help 

@quarky @SwooshyCueb I've written both encoders and decoders against FFmpeg, but not remuxers. I could probably figure it out though.

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