@moiety not that I remember? this was a little while ago now

@moiety I actually did ask in the microformats matrix/irc; and was told that it hadn’t been touched since nobody really consumes the data anyway. they also said I was more than welcome to use.. I think it was u-gender if it’s a URL, p-gender otherwise; it’s just not standard tagging

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also I now have RSS on the site, sorry that took me so long

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Furry TF 

@socks the evidence backs it up, strongly!

@saxnot more semicolons, less capital letters.

i wish I was still 17 but alas

@saxnot @quarktheawesome from a very different time.. wild to think I’ve been on and off that long

@devurandom@cybre.space short hours has done wonders for me tbh. I do a difficult job for 3 hours at a time and it’s about right


@socks chaos ash uses diamond for everything once she's set up well enough in a world
well, technically Netherite, but that's only because I get it from other players rather than finding it myself

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