!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my copy of monsterhearts came in!!!!!!!!!

Pyongyang's architecture is cutalism (cute brutalism)

i love all the pastel colors and interesting shapes, it really makes a huge difference from the grey "commie blocks" people tend to think of when they think of brutalism

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i posted this to my pixelfed account (selfie.town/p/quine/18) but i just love this picture so much so here it is again

i *adore* this train
i adore the physical rolling stock
i adore the wilderness it runs through
i adore the fact that at the other end of the train is someone i love dearly.

& i just love this shot. i was in the last car, so i was able to catch it through the window

the lighting is really pretty too. i didnt use any filters, its just naturally like that

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