(i'm not abandoning this account completely because i like chitter but, i'm definitely mostly just posting on @colleen now

if you are annoyed with the migranounce tool, consider: i am now getting 351 DM's from myself with identical text on my new account >.>

hmmm gonna try out the codl migranounce tool thing; my apologies if you wind up getting a notification from it despite already following my new account; it's kinda an all-or-nothing tool tbh

i hate that masto doesnt have a very good solution for moving accounts

he wasnt white though at least (before you ask, the post had nothing to do with race) so i don't get a bingo this time around 😢

i dont understand random people who don't even follow me coming into my mentions with a 600 character take on something i said in an unlisted post a month ago

@iliana oh no i cant say the name of this without putting a marble in the swear jar ._.

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Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba, a journalistic book documenting the struggles and victories of the Cuban lgbtq community as part of the revolutionary process, from the pre-revolutionary times through the 2000’s workers.org/lavender-red/Laven

i just got out of a very long conversation with the metronome

metronome: BEEP!
me: bah~
metronome: beep!
me: bah~
metronome: beep!
me: bah~
metronome: beep!
me: bah~


hard to remember that even if i feel like i didnt make progress with music practice i did

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