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neon pixii

yall i just found my new favorite word

*spits out her tea*

Squamata is the largest order of reptiles, comprising lizards, snakes and amphisbaenians (worm lizards), which are collectively known as squamates or scaled reptiles.


squamate squamate squamate squamate squamate

hey lets go look for squamates!!@!!!

danger noodle 🐍

sounds like the best 80's show ever

hmm too scared to order a commission cuz what if i don't like it or it looks weird because i have bad ideas

i had a dream that i punched someone because they misgendered me

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libraries for cleaning fluids nowwww

the words "they" and "them" are so fluffy and smooth and nice sounding

i love entomology twitter because people use hash tags like

hi anyone know artists who can do a face & upper body avi commission for me?

i pronounce "zx spectrum" as "zed ex spectrum" because i'm not *some kind of hooligan*

but then i see z80 and the "zx" part of my brain wants me to say zed 80 and the american english part of my brain wants to say zee 80

sad because i bought this dress from goodwill assuming i could get these stains out and so far i've been unable too. they're like, kinda crusty and i'm not sure what to do about them to get them out. please help this dress is so cute ;-;

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