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ah, the metronome, my cherished friend and gravest enemy

the worst part about learning music is when you *know* how a song goes while you're reading the sheet music and you just wanna play it at your own speed but you know you'll never develop a steady sense of rythm if you don't keep in time with a metronome and play the rhythm as written ;-;

hi make sure to follow me on my new main account which i will most likely
move to at some point in the near ish future -> @colleen

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (#EZLN), a left-wing libertarian-socialist political and militant group, who rose up on Jan 1, 1994 to demand democracy, freedom, justice for the indigenous peoples and peasants of all of #Mexico.

i think its a sign that im getting old that i feel like an old lady around 18-year-olds

possibly moving main accounts ---> @colleen

(no minors please!)

@quine I'm still laughing at moses saying "bye homos" to us as we left the hair salon

oh no my loudly telegraphed and extremely cliche'd plot twist got guessed

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