The NSFW cute naked otter compliment to that image :D

Lineart done by @Erin with minor modifications done by us.

Been doing some work for @Erin again.

We took one of her inktober sketches and worked it into this.

we know it's been a while since we last posted any art. Admittedly It's been a while since we've drawn anything at all either. Hence this account laying silent :(

so have a badly drawn gryfen, since we managed to draw today.

quick stuff... with colour.

won;t be able to do coloured stuff. its kinda trash but whatever. >_>

drew a couple things in our tiny sketch book to practice for drawing a proper ref for our fae shapes... ...and a moogle pom because why not, they can be a little cute...

hey look we finally drew a raccoon... just a head... but we've been really not been drawing for a while so...


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