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we know it's been a while since we last posted any art. Admittedly It's been a while since we've drawn anything at all either. Hence this account laying silent :(

so have a badly drawn gryfen, since we managed to draw today.

we've tried a few times now, and its just not working


Okay so we have this now, it sounds kinda awesome but we're still not happy with the melody/lead overall. hopefully we will be able to work out what we don't like about it so we can continue on.

#music #sunvox

Well... That turned out completely different from how I expected that to go - Erika

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we're literally feeling sort of anxious and overwealmed...

getting lots of support over this just

anxiety exploding

how do we even... keep all this together

keep it cohesive

we're a shitty writer...

@rachel I actually go by rachel too [Usually cofront with them all!], we kinda split from cofronting as much due to miri getting irritated but whatever~

hi... maybe i should hijack this account from just art to me too

I'm one of @rachel's others. I'm usually a wah or a raccoon. ^^


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