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> looking for a new level
> ask toad if the level is wet or dry
> he doesnt understand | > pull out illustrated diagram explaining what is dry and what is wet
> "Thanks to the power of the stars, life is returning to the castle!"
> high-jump into painting
> its wet

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french people engage in paris social relationships

[tom scott voice] im here, inside your computer screen. please let me out

thank you destiny 2 for letting me be a dinosaur themed whore (evil)

schrödinger's tom scott: im here, inside this box, with this flask full of poison, that could easily shatter at any given time. until the scientist opens the box and looks inside? well... I'm basically both alive and dead, At The Same Time.

ant-sized Tom Scott: I was, going to make a video on the UK's only vegetable oil-powered railcar, but *runs hand through hair* i cannot reach my front door's handle, to open it

adam jensen ninja: my braless wife brought me augmentations (unasked for)

hetero cis man voice: yeah, i'd say I "kin" tony stark

take me down to the pretty grass city where the grass is green and the grass is pretty

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