there should be a mastodon account that just shames sites that have 'please turn off adbwock thankie wankie 'w'' shit on them

...thankfully this site wasn't smart enough to randomize the css classes because i was easily able to block this part of the article. HAH

but yeah, fuck non-in-house website ads. they don't work, they make the page load slower, and most importantly they can either redirect you to fake malware sites or on rare occasions even give you malware

i like non-intrusive in-house advertisements but sadly most adblock lists seem to block those too. >_>

i may call the account 'blockshaming'

@sc just turn it off on those websites... + that might be a reason to show you those "please turn your adblock off"

@codl i do not get the refrance other than 'youre STELLING MONEY u MORON'

@sc yeah ive heard "if you use adblock you are LITERALLY STEALING from content creators" said unironically so often & i was referencing that

@codl you can't be stealing if you make barely any money from the system as-is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@codl @sc obviously it's not stealing, but it is a bit unfair

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