So, uh. You know Invidious, the privacy-focused front end for YouTube?

Someone made the same thing except it's for Twitter. And it has RSS support.

You don't even need JavaScript to use it!!

Oh, and here's a link to Invidious, since there are still people that don't know about it:


(CLARIFICATION: You can't tweet from this, but you CAN view other people's tweets with it. Sorry for the misconception, there.)

I've not heard of either of those technologies. Thank you for mentioning them.

@sc There is also a handy Firefox add-on called "Alternate Tube Redirector" that will automagically change youtube links to either invidious or hooktube (configurable).

@kirjis @sc I use the Firefox add-on Invidition to do the same, and it also redirects Twitter links to Nitter.

@sc if you want to have an RSS feed for a Twitter account, there is also rss-bridge

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