GEORGE: How do you come out to a dentist?
JERRY: Some way you come out to anyone, I guess.
GEORGE: I'm not callin' my dentist and askin' how they knew when they wanted to have kids!
ELAINE: Why do you have to come out to your dentist anyways? It's not like a hair stylist.
GEORGE: I'm tired of gettin' deadnamed with someone's fingers in my mouth!

@sc I just looked it up and it looks good? Kinda gives me Incredible Toon Machine vibes.

@BestGirlGrace i haven't even heard about incredible toon machine until last year because an obscure youtuber i watch covered it, so that's neat

@sc Incredible Toon Machine was one of the best games in my elementary school computer lab, though it doesn't really hold up as well as, say, Zoombinis.

@BestGirlGrace GOD i remember playing zoombinis on an old iBook in second grade, so there's that

@sc Right? I wanna get into it and maybe the sequel one of these days.

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