this isn't finished but i decided to make a y2kweb-inspired 'stream is starting soon' banner:


a lot of people talk about the GeoCities aesthetic but i 100% honestly think it's high time we move away from that and start talking about the Y2Kweb™ aesthetic because it's [chef's kiss]

similar aesthetics:
- flashcore (the aesthetic of professionally made Flash websites in the 2000s)
- isometric pixelart (the works of Eboy, Mr. Wong, and the graphics of Habbo Hotel...)

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please please please PLEEEAASE check out Froyo Tam's Y2K blog and Twitter account. they are so incredibly good and contain multitudes of millenia retrofuturism!


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@sc that second screenshot is ridiculously nice; I would gladly make it so that every future interface I use looks like that

@sc oh my god that second one looks like a ROM site I used in 2003

@sc shit I forgot this was a thing

I see your point now

fuck that's choice

@sc This is giving me pleasant flashbacks to my first personal website

@sc We just need to do this but with readable text.

@sc I registered on 81dojo to play Shogi online and it looks quite Y2K

@mood i wish i knew about it back when it still existed 😔

@sc @shel so many of my early personal sites were exactly this aesthetic, whew

@sc Y2K aesthetic in web design is the perfect marriage of pages loading in a reasonable amount of time and actually having an appealing look

@sc I feel like Rollercoaster Tycoon and other sim/tycoon games from that era also fit

@sc omg the last one even has "best viewed with netscape navigator 4+ or explorer 4+" on it, i am LIVING

@sc Tables in tables in tables, images for link with mouseover effects, images for borders, my friends.

Still lives-on a bit in Japan and China!

re: lb
I kinda wanna make a personal website with an aesthetic like this

though it would be extremely satisfying to emulate all those meticulously placed bitmaps in pure CSS

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