god the new abukuku/tech tangents intro hurts my ears

im tempted to compose him a new one ;-;

oh FUCK yeah the latest dev build of brickadia has ssgi support, which means the in-game graphics are ognna look slightly better :D

i know someone who loathes the gamecube controller and used to main brawl with a wiimote and nunchuck

i have weird friends

i haven't shown Princess Farmer in a while so uhm here's how it's looking right now!

I have seen things you couldn’t possibly imagine. Horrors beyond the most twisted minds. A plane of hatred and destruction. Peered into the darkness. Do not weep for me, I should weep for everything else.

me: i'm gonna make a nice drum beat! :)
me: but what if i made it real glitchy

Executive dysfunction really do be like *lies in bed and does nothing all day*

has anyone ported memtest86 to the human brain yet I think I need to run it

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