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tired: Demoscene
wired: whatever the hell FRENZ is because this fucking rules

apparently Cooking Simulator has a cooking show DLC? and it's sponsored by Food Network????

good news: Seemed to be a MusicBee bug. updated the app and it no longer does it, thank goodness

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oh wow

i actually ran into some music files that if you change the metadata of them they fucking /refuse/ to play


I'm going live with YIIK tonight and Im gonna be there @TJCheetah & @jdlwerewolf . It's gonna be something.

490 snakes 

it is time for nightflight or whatever the heck it's called

oh my god, you know what would be great? if engineering played this instead of regular Dire Dire Docks:

The intro to Boring Angel by Oneohtrix Point Never, but it plays the Phillips CDI BIOS music instead

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