The gnome control center segfaults when I try adding a keyboard layout :blobfoxthisisfine:

mh, first month on this site 

Today marks the end of my first month on here. My mental health was the worst it's ever been when I decided to join. It's been rough for me but this is the first place where I felt like people accepted me for who I am and I am incredibly grateful for that

Artists will draw an absolutely amazing piece and call it a doodle


Haven't felt this miserable in quite some time


I don't even have the energy to sit on my pc right now

Is there any way in linux to overwrite which keyboard layout an application uses?


They call up to 50 people a "small group" :blobfoxconfused:

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Covid, anxiety 

Really got asked whether I would be comfortable with in person events again.
Like I was comfortable with them before the pandemic in the first place

My domain seems like a good place for a mastodon instance but I don't think I want to host my own yet

Tried drawing something today. Don't think I've ever gotten this far without giving up but I'm not happy enough with it to share it yet


Oh no I'm looking at an apartment and there's at least 3 factory sales for like chocolate and stuff right nearby :blobfoxsipterrified:


They just gave me their email.
Couldn't they just put it on their website?

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Cutting stuff with your sabers is cool but slashing it with your own claws is so much cooler

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I really enjoy having claws in Beat Saber :blobfoxhappy:
The trails make it even more awesome


Might have to do a phone call and I hate it

Ah someone asked whether modern PCs are far superior because they have RGB

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Watching a lecture rn but they also uploaded old lectures and now I'm watching pretty much the same thing again

Gonna get myself my email address

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