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i wrecked my car. This has led to a lot of money going out and some serious mental health hell.

Really need some help, please?

Venmo: @K-Schmocker
Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

Things that are normal but maybe shouldn't be:
- cars
- cell phones
- having no control over your personal data
- lawn mowers

these are some more ones i found surprising

'Frisbee' <- 'Flying disc'
'Hula hoop' <- 'Toy hoop'
'Lava lamp' <- 'Liquid motion lamp'
'Onesie' <- 'Adult jumpsuit'
'Styrofoam' <- 'Polystyrene foam'
'Taser' <- 'Electroshock weapon'
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did u know 'bubble wrap' is a trademark. the generic term is supposed to be 'inflated cushioning' ????

t-shirt idea, rated M 

yeah i'm 3D
· 3 of
· deez nuts

- stolen from @unflushable

nothing, food meme (slightly gross) 

gonna make a new operating system

call it BurgerKingFootLettOS


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