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It's a Christmas miracle, the Retrush demo is FINALLY HERE! 6+ levels of speedrunning bliss await you in this short but oh-so-sweet level pack for !

Read all about it and try it for yourself:

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"i love this game, it kills me so much."

i made a highlights reel of my monkey ball streams! if you're never watched me stream before, this is a great introduction. hope you enjoy 💙

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Retrush only has three more levels to go, but there's a ton more polish that i've been frankly neglecting (and who knows how long that'll take...)

if we're lucky there might be some final promo videos – but otherwise, see you at the finish line! 🏁

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i'm still aiming to release Retrush for my birthday at the end of next month, but i'm not 100% confident i can make it in time – and i *definitely* won't make it if i spend too much time recording any more "regular content." so that's taking a break for now, but it will return!

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well, that's all the throwback thursday clips i had queued up! and i'm fresh out of other material for the time being...

i enjoyed having regular content out and reliving old memories, but now i'm focused on the final push towards wrapping up Retrush – not much longer to go!

twitter has lately decided to stop grouping retweets if multiple people all retweet the same tweet and i think this is my tipping point

The gaming mouse was discovered when an Esports player found a dead rodent inside his computer during a tournament, granting him extraordinary aiming abilities. He would be banned from the tournament the following year for trying the same thing with a fox.

i've been meaning to get a short highlights clip of this for YEARS so i'm happy i finally got to make it happen! if you only watch one of these "throwback thursday" clips, make it this one

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god, for being one of the most improv parts of my design process, just slapping something together to get a stream archive out last year, these thumbnails are paying *dividends*

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it's something i could re-use for my lower-effort gameplay videos like gravitas, as well – i was already planning around those having the playlist card at the end, so i could put the animation in one corner with the playlist card, no fuss.

if i really wanted to, for high-effort videos, i could still find ways to re-focus the gameplay so the video cards don't get in the way – zooming in a bit on the footage, just like the thumbnails already are

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what i'd like to do instead is something that looks a lot my thumbnails. i could make some flashy animation for each corner with the video cards on top, and then pick any two corners that don't obscure the final clip that's playing. no screen shrinking, no extra background

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so here's the old ones – they're very vinesauce inspired, because they're meant to be for highlight videos. the video shrinks a bit and the video cards appear on a static background. they're cool, but very derivative in a way that i had to work *around* rather than work *with*

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i had a new idea for a video outro that i want to experiment with 👇

📭 i have FINALLY cleared out my endless backlog of DMs!!! 🎉 

time to celebrate by taking a message break and building up another backlog by accident. same time next week? sounds great

new stream archive! in which we hop around various splatoon modes for multiplayer shenanigans. we've really gotta do this more often!

new stream archive! in which we rev our engines for some multiplayer mario kart fun, including checking out the new dlc courses. i'd really love to make this a regular thing!

it is possible to learn these things... never give up hope!

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in learning how to talk, my brain got a new software upgrade, which is being able to post-fetch data instead of pre-fetching everything

literally i had to think of a complete sentence *before* i said it out loud – now i can start with a general topic and load in details as i go!

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