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Here's a belated treat for : an isometric maze built atop Mario's running animation from SMB1! Use the pipes to travel between the different layers and make your way to the finish.

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part-time gamer girl, part-time catboy

here's a new maze! walk along walls, wrap around curves, and climb over ladders to reach the other side of this impossibly constructed labyrinth.

if the perspective is too mind-bending, you can treat this like a normal maze; just go from S to F without crossing any lines.

stream archive 

new stream archive! in which i return to monke... i mean streaming. yeah, i think i'm finally back!

returning to this account but i'm probably just going to post art and videos and stuff for a while rather than Full Twitter Mirror-ing because that was getting to be too much work to take care of

something that's going to take me a while to get used to again as things go back to "normal" is how loud it gets inside restaurants with everyone talking all at once

i was only in and out to pick up an order and i was totally overstimulated by the time i walked out...

taking off work specifically for E3 and getting very confused / amused expressions from my coworkers is one of my favorite E3 traditions

getting the covid vaccine 

as of this morning i feel perfectly fine! i nearly forgot i spent the last two days recovering, hehe~

so that's it for the ordeal of getting vaccinated! long as they don't ask me to get a booster shot. don't let me down, america

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discord is adding per-server avatars!
now you, too, can celebrate pride month where it is locally applicable, and look normal everywhere else – just like your favorite corporations~

i may have claws, but i'm not scary. i file my claws like any civilized cat

what if the next smash game was called Super Smash Bros. Ul2mate

getting the covid vaccine 

good morning! fever's gone, i took another two motrin and slept off the rest. still got That Sick Feel™️ but it's not nearly as bad as it was yesterday – i'm even comfortable with working today. this will probably be entirely over by tomorrow

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after all this time i've FINALLY 100%ed Kirby Star Allies! the highest intensity of the boss rush, Soul Melter EX, seriously lives up to its name – one of the most difficult challenges in any Kirby game to date. it took me two years of on and off attempts to finally finish...

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there's no actual point to this comic, it's just a conversation i had with my parents circa 2000

getting the covid vaccine 

two motrin was enough to chill the fever, but not enough to instantly knock out the sick feeling like last time. i'll probably just be in bed all day today and feeling better tomorrow

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getting the covid vaccine 

woke up with one of the worst fevers i've ever had. i don't have a thermometer to check but this is likely over 104°F. hoping a couple of motrin will knock it out

mercifully, i have no other symptoms except the arm soreness, which oddly seems better than yesterday

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getting the covid vaccine 

second dose already? aaaaaaaaaaa
i was even more panicky this time and i think the arm soreness is setting in faster so this does not bode well

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the core idea that got me so excited is that it's a timeline leading directly to my current set of skills... it's probably been done before but i've never seen it like this!

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i came up with a resume layout that's so good that i *wanted* to work on my resume for once! it's also so good... that i wanted to share it~ (with identifying details removed obvs)

i made the whole thing in Affinity Designer and it outputs as a PDF with proper text formatting ✨

i randomly got a 5% raise at work today! it's not much, but it's as big as both of my previous raises combined, and it's off-season too (no evaluations or anything). apparently it was in the works for a while but no one ever told me

i am now the proud (?) owner of a robotic vaccuum

watching it wander around is kinda entertaining in its own right

i just hope they accept me and don't, y'know, fire me on the spot

i need a *really* good plan of attack to test the waters here

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