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hey, i'm Sky, and i just recently came out as genderfluid!

when i'm not posting about games or mental health, i'm usually busy making stuff – and i'm excited to show everyone 💖💖💖

sure they waltzed in and trashed the server for a bit, but i gotta say, banning three people in rapid succession is pretty poggers ✨

• need to utilize both puyos in the pair more effectively, instead of laser-focusing on the blue i need for my chain and forgetting the purple is there. practicing sandwich forms helps me with this, i used to struggle with it but it can be surprisingly flexible and efficient!

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plus, instead of just flailing, i'm seeing areas for improvement:

• need to learn how to tail with the pairs i can't fit into my chain, instead of just throwing them wherever. ideally i would know how to fit more of my pairs in, but this puts the really tough ones to good use!

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practicing puyo again in prep for ppt2 reminds me that i'm a lot better at this game than i give myself credit for ✨

i'm still nowhere near competitive level, of course, but it's nice being able to build 7/8/9 chains pretty consistently, and even throw together a 5 on the spot!

it's telling that i thought taking a vitamin D pill would be "giving up." never going outside again, resigning myself to a sedentary life where i wasn't "truly" taking care of my health.

well guess what: i'm glad i "gave up," because it's helped a lot. ☀️

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for a while i tried to convince myself to just go outside and take a walk… it never helped, but i always figured i just wasn't doing it enough. if i just tried it more, maybe it wouldn't be so overwhelming for my autism.

if i could practice, make a habit, stop being so *lazy*…

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so many people over the years told me that i should just "go outside, exercise, get some vitamin D"… it made me so resentful. it sounded like people were blaming all of my mental health issues on lifestyle choices.

and yet, despite knowing better, i still internalized all of it

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it's been about a year since i started taking a vitamin D supplement regularly, and while it's no silver bullet, it does still clear out a significant chunk of brain fog!

of course, i literally never go outside so that should've been expected, but… i nearly didn't start at all

i should at least hold onto this one long enough to do another pfp redraw, hehe

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looks like there's not much autumn left for my autumn pfp… i haven't even had this one for all that long…

…how about this, i'll switch whenever it FEELS like it's not autumn anymore. who knows when that'll be with 2020 the way it is. right now it feels like decemberween

for being my first day back after a week, i'm surprised at how smooth work was today. like obviously i'm adhd as ever, but i was able to focus enough to blaze through stuff that i was struggling with before the break

guess this is what happens when you have at least one dopamine

such a shame that stretchmo flew under the radar, it was a worthy spinoff of pushmo imo. plus it was super cool making 3D levels like these!

if pushmo ever comes back, i hope stretchmo isn't left behind…

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suddenly remembering the extremely cool voxel art i did for these stretchmo 🏞️🏝️☀️🪐

it's called "genderfluid" because i'm sick of expressing my gender in just one way. i have the gender flu

*quietly adds panromantic to my increasingly lengthy list of queer labels*

back to work tomorrooowwww… i didn't do as much fun stuff during the break as i wanted, but a lot happened this week behind the scenes so i guess that's expected

the good news is, i have another break scheduled around christmas, and it's gonna be even longer 💖

phone finally updated so i can see the trans flag emoji. took long enough

i think i'm gonna try growing my hair out. it'll probably be really slow but it's not like i'm going anywhere important for the next pandemic amount of time

...i don't even know if it works that way but i might as well try

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