i've been looking for self-hosted search engines, because i think the way searx works is definitely not the way to go about "replacing google"

so far i've found
- a centralised engine written in C and C++ that has an open source version that hasn't been updated in 3 years, while a closed version is still being developed - gigablast
- a P2P based project that has existed for over a decade but currently barely works because not enough people are using it - yacy
- a blockchain based distributed search engine where you use eurolight tokens to talk to god's brain to let she hear you and answer your requests with IPFS hash codes that sometimes don't work - cyber

i... guess gigablast is the most promising?

@snailerotica yeah i think the only practical way to go about this is a decentralised approach

trying to store an index of The Whole Internet on one server doesn't sound possible to anyone besides the five companies that currently do it

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