New #Tusky PR: Add a badge to show the date a user joined
I am not sure if I like it
Thoughts? @charlag @maloki @Tak

@ConnyDuck @charlag @maloki @Tak We honestly don't see a use for this other than for spying on people in what's quite frankly, very creepy ways.

@KitsuneAlicia @ConnyDuck @charlag @maloki @Tak if this was birdsite it could conceivably be used to detect ban evasion / sockpuppeting and the like, but we actually have mods here, and even for that it'd be overkill

@snailerotica @ConnyDuck @charlag @maloki @Tak Yeah. That was our thoughts too. Besides, the sockpuppeteers have recently taken to hacking into old accounts on m.s that haven't been used in a year, so the usefulness is even more diminished than it would've been a couple years ago.

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