@dimitrisk @rysiek for me, it's discoverability: I use shitty GH code search a lot. I think I'd get a lot less contributors in a private Gitea instance. I hope that these impediments will be solved in the future.

I actually pulled my code off of GitHub (and archived it there) since I got no contribution whatsoever.

Not surprisingly when you consider that the median number of maintainers is 1.

Working across different Gitea instances is an interesting subject.
I was wondering whether WebMention or so could be used for the communication part.

Or we go back to classical mailing lists with all their downsides.
@dimitrisk @rysiek


@rysiek @RyunoKi @astro @dimitrisk@mastodon.technology ah, my bad. posts weren't federating.

regardless, there doesn't seem to be any actual progress being mentioned on the @forgefriends account, and what we said earlier remains true for @forgefed, so the point still stands.

Woah, that article touches so many points I had in mind that I will go over it and follow the links.

Thanks for sharing!
@rysiek @snailerotica @astro @dimitrisk @forgefriends @forgefed

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