just got done watching this british drama about a man going to the afterlife after suffering a terrible accident. heartwrenching

this post isn't a joke or an exaggeration, it makes me sad when i see it :<

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i don't like the mastodon error message :< i think the mascot should be caring for the computer while it gets better, not banging on the table...

video game modding, nsfw mention sorta 

oblivion mod that makes only the argonians and khajiits sexy and all the men and mer look the exact same

it's realism.

hmm, i follow some ppl on this account but i only see boops from admins

heck my profile here said "22"

i must have got it wrong bc i don't think chitter was up in 2015/2016??

oh it's up again. maybe it was just something on my end?

i'm gonna stay here for awhile because i feel bad about not using it except when my main is down

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computer fairies is down for some reason, so i'm here temporarily!

i didn't mean for this to become my alt account but here we are πŸ˜…

although maybe it's not that instance, my internet is being a butt too. argh.

i should mention that this isn't a non-sequitor, this instance has cute raccoons all over it


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computerfairies is down!! i'm in panic!!!

*is calmed down by raccoons* ah...

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