i ate popcorn thinking it would help with this. it didn't

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today i am remembering the weird program on a windows 3.1 computer my mom got us from a yard sale in 2002 that had some program with ASCII art and had a toggle for "GHOST MODE"

does ANYONE who used computers in the 90s have experience with a program that had ghost mode. i would LOVE to know what the hell all that was about after all these years. my memory is hazy but it really seemed like a script kiddie program that did something

"This guy owns the XFL! And America! And Fortnite."

i swear newpipe didn't use to be so harsh on my phone battery

would it be a good idea to have my gaming desktop on nearly all the time, but with the screen off, running parsec...

so that i could use it remotely on my laptop in the other room to play minecraft on it? maybe other things too?

the beatles shoulda named themselves Pete Best & The Rest

anything i can do about this? i can still use it to chat but it's fucking up loading thumbnails, stickers, avatars, etc

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isp is definitely blocking my connection to telegram lmao

suing paypal over false advertising because it says "pal" in the name and it's not a pal

ah well at least i could play some kb+m games over parsec when the cat doesn't feel like letting me sit at the gaming PC

eugh, do i really want to install geforce experience just for moonlight...

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OK so "Scanimate" was this super-advanced video synthesis engine from the 80s, surprisingly similar to a modular audio synthesizer, that could do super advanced manipulation on pure analog video data. Most "cool 80s logos" were made with this.

Anyway it turns out Hanna Barbera did some tests with Flash-style sprite-manipulation animation using the system, and it's


Bone-chillingly horrifying. Uncanny Valley max.

Why does overly smooth animation look so WRONG?


ok i take it back, it's parsec being weird i think. i dunno

anyone else have problems with parsec on linux thinking your controller's right stick was triggers and not using the triggers at all? and remapping doesn't help

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i wish things simply worked in linux without needing a bachelor's in computer science u_u

whoops sorry folks. this joke expired in 2019 so don't interact with it

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i feel like i'm in a juicero bag. am i right folks?

should i get the same cheapo logitech mouse i always get or should i try to get something that will hold up a bit longer

the cat pulled my glasses out of my dresser drawer and they got scratched up on the floor :') roommate will try to get me something to repair the lenses but could really appreciate the help

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