this post is now muted! i will not be able to see notes about it. i think

@softgoat @hexylena But the word that appears four times in the logo looks more like SUA 🤷‍♀️

@softgoat That's the thought process that led to Java,

(This is a joke java devs pls don't kill me).

@softgoat so many great products by good people now lost in time like tears in the rain. Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Zilog, Mike & Terry's Mitel... I miss you guys 😞

@softgoat ah yes the single Unix specification (“imposter posix”)

@softgoat I've been Mad at Sun Microsystems after they broke all my JAVA programs on the Internet. They "Upgraded" and all former programs that people wrote needed to be re-compiled... WHY?

@softgoat I saw this yesterday and am just now noticing the amogus in the logo on the left i can't lol

@softgoat Hey! I want to use this in a talk. Any chance you could post a picture with transparent background? :3

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