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naked anthro female corgi 

@TalonTide captured my essence and holy heck I'm so happy with it.

All those details, that teasy expression...

Thank you so much, I can't even

aaaa ;w;

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Ladies, if he:

-Lives under a dock
-Is mistaken for a rock
-Isn't actually a rock

That's not your man, that's a
Lobster! 🎢

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The 2020s are the decade where "gender" is becoming less of a thing you have to select certain options, and more of an open-field box that you have every right to say is not applicable.

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naked female anthro corgi 

So @Roger drew this for me out of the blue last night and aaaAaaaa thank you thank you thank you I love it ;w;

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Check it out, it's a Tabby !

I'm part of the Tricorgs system with my brothers @owashii and @artemis.

Most of what you need to know about me is in my bio, but I'd also like to add that I'm the newest member of our system.

I tend to be the go-getter of us, taking charge when I need to. I'm a bit more outgoing than my brothers are, and a bit more flirty too~

So yeah, that's me! *Wagwagwag*

what's more flattering

Me: Nintendo VR when?
Also me: Oh, wait. Virtual Boy.

thoughts on Return to Monkey Island 

I hate to say this about any installment in Monkey Island, but it sucks. The entire story and all the dialogue is either references to previous games, or characters making fun of themselves for being outdated.

"What about the ending?"

Ending? What ending? There was no ending. It abruptly stopped with more references to previous games.

Hint book was nice but that sort of assistance can't make a story stop sucking.

What a waste of potential.

A man goes to the doctor and says, β€œI keep seeing a werewolf, with big sharp teeth.”

The doctor asks, β€œHave you seen a psychiatrist?”

The man says, β€œNo, just a werewolf.”

(misinfo) the city in Massachusetts was actually founded as Barston but people only ever pronounced it with the local accent so they just changed it to match

New plan: stream Harvester another day with spouse-system because playing it alone is far more unsettling than we thought it would be.

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