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selfies, no eye contact 

if anyone wanted to know... this is what i look like

Ey Morty check it out, I turned myself into an anime girl Morty

I'm Picrew Rick!!!

has the australian government ever provided anything more useful than the official ACB ratings generator? i think not

the gender neutral form of god/goddess is "theyity"

favourite passtime: watching birds land on our stair rail outside and fail to get a proper perch so they just slowly slide down and fall off the end

The GENDERWRECKED ANTIFA BENEFIT SALE is NOW LIVE! Get the game that defined a genderation for 50% off, AND put your money to a good cause!

(image CW: body horror)

d slur + 

baby dyke instinct: when ur a kid and theres a storm during school and girls would hide under the tables + scream when theres thunder and u went "well IM not scared 😀 i will protect u"

potentially nightmarish 

@tattletale god I hope catgirl is a recessive gene, so sometimes your two lovely purebred burmans give birth to a litter of humanoids

idk physical health ig - 

my ears being doing some bullshit for the last like day now and its usually smth that doesnt last more than an hour or so when it happens and its like.. not painful or anything but its INCREDIBLY annoying and distracting and its completely fraying my temper + my mood and i cant find a single thing online that fits the description of what it is so idk what it could be or why its doing it or Anything

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