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selfies, no eye contact 

video games where the main/player character doesnt talk: preddy good
video games where the main/player character doesnt talk and this is made to be one of their in-game traits rather than just because theyre the PC: REALLY good

crude: truck nuts
mood: dragon tail that you attach to your truck and that you can slap people's hoods with when they honk at you

I've noticed some of y'all slacking, so here's a helpful chart

First toot, I guess ?
Here's a watercolor portrait of a dear friend of mine. (Chikpeatrice on Instagram)
I gave Kuretake golden watercolors a try for the first and I love them! They give the paint a really neat pearly texture, it's so satisfying to work with it.

talkin about my art 

screenshot of that one legit really good mcelroy tweet

brits born after 1997 can't cook, all they know is fish and chips, charge they phone, footy on the telly and lie

For new people, a short guide on:

How not to be blocked on sight by a lot of people on the Fediverse when you follow them:

* Write an #introductions post
* Upload an avatar
* Fill out your profile (pronouns++)

There's more you can do, but if you've got these things done at least, it goes a long way!

a top who likes to be little spoon sometimes and is small enough to fit on your lap, or a β€œlaptop”


Sock protocol? All my socks are polyamorous. It's not a sock drawer it's a polycule

pda ish? 

pda ish? 

physical health - 

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