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if anyone wants to check out larger galleries of me art i post on deviantart and weasly! and (not much on weasyl since its a new account but i upload regularly)

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intro post!
~agender (he/they)
~disabled and online a lot
~loves to draw

told myself i wasnt going to distrohop but my friend is using antergos and i wanted to try it out u_u

i always want to shave my head in the middle of winter rip

whenever i let the cat out for supervised outside time she never wants to play or explore she just wants to eat grass....dont...

Hey, that's not a hoard of gold, that's just a gold-colored bean bag! #pixelart #mastoart #dragons

Hey there so... the big donation we got initially of 100 dollars + all the smaller ones have been used up. I officially don't have any money left for berries anymore.
If you would like to see berries continue to stay up, we need more help from the users.
You can help at these links:

or paypal directly to @estroqueen

With every new direction that Lance can move, he becomes more powerful (this is also the most Lance has ever been able to move yet)


dragon prince was goooooood cant wait till season 3

forgot dragon prince season 2 was today!!!!!!

im so sick of it raining yall. cant wait until i can move back to arizona

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