as a temporary workaround to DNS issues, I've added mastodon2, mastodon3, mastodon4, and mastodon5 subdomains that are not behind an NS record delegation

mastodon is taking a bit to catch up on the Sidekiq backlog, and many recursive resolvers have cached SERVFAILs (because Hurricane Electric DNS doesn't support wildcard records, I implement them with my own DNS server, a fact I forgot)

migrating lepton's 300G disk is gonna take a hot minute

had a scare for a moment that the new server didn't support vMAC

service has been restored. I am working on other services.

Y o u r p a y m e n t i s b e i n g v a l i d a t e d

figured it out

the easiest way to get OVH to tell you your customer ID is to *request a password reset*

"Destination OVH ID". would you mind EXPLAINING what that IS and how you GET IT

successfully migrated one container, time to do the IP swap and move weft

All Sleeping Town and #Jortage services will be going offline shortly for migration to a new server

There is a lot of data to transfer, so this will unfortunately take a while as the SyS → OVHcloud migration means I can't move the containers one by one, as I have to change ownership of every IP simultaneously, and I can't even create a vRack despite the two servers being in the same datacenter, so I'm limited to my public bandwidth limit.

The newer server has a 5x higher bandwidth limit, a much faster CPU, faster RAM, and faster disks. The current server is a grandfathered one with a bad price — notably better specs are available on OVH's new server range for the same price, but I opted for this server at a $20/mo price increase as we're really feeling the squeeze on these old, Spectre-vulnerable Intel Xeons. The new box uses an AMD Zen 2 processor.

After the services go down, I will likely be discussing progress on my backup account, — you can also, as always, check and

Apologies for the downtime. See you on the other side. I will be prioritizing restoration of Jortage Storage Pool services.

oh my god I can't even deploy vanilla glitch-soc without running into some impenetrable error

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