you know you're writing some good code when you feel the need to put this in

Completed the mod I made yesterday that adds real purple shulker boxes and put it up on Curse.

Made a mod for my girlfriend @Kat called Gumobtainium - it adds two items, Gumobtainium and Gumbium. The former can be used to give yourself "gum hearts" that absorb any amount of damage, and regenerate after a few seconds, and the latter locks your hunger to be at least half full. They're made with weird methods specific to the mod.

CurseForge: (still waiting for approval at the time of posting)

Made some changes based on feedback.
- Narrower "Why?" paragraphs
- Colors are a bit more pale for increased contrast
- "Why?" edges and Kiki/Bouba split-panes line up

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