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sometimes putting one hand over the other is enough to overstimulate me and it's wild and stressful to know that there are large swathes of people who don't know that they have the right to re-negotiate their boundaries of touch

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Boost if you can. Demand justice for Tony McDade, a black trans man who was shot five times in the back by a Tallahassee police officer.

Markov post, 2% chance of bad interactions. 

Fund for slain comrade 

Led by Orlando Dream Defenders

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If I seem distant, its because antiblackness is everywhere and is exhausting. Also, I’m starving, a payment is being delayed and I need some food now.

If someone can please give me some money for a quick meal that would helpful, thanks.

Cash: $Underwraps
Venmo: FarahT

We don't have a large enough audience, perhaps, to do a charity stream, but we are encouraging donations to useful charities rather than cheering us tonight. We're playing Tower Unite, and I hope you'll join us.


#TruckCommunity #stream

In general, please don’t use ableist words (e.g. “crazy”, “insane”) to describe current events but ESPECIALLY don’t call the cops mentally ill.

This is about equating mental illness with systemic violent racist abuse. Don’t do it.

Yo, if you wanna be allies and supportive of the actions being taken in various cities around the US, consider a few things:

1) It's not just "police violence." Shut up about how you hate the police. It's about state sanctioned genocide against B L A C K people right now. Talk about your feelings and center yourself some other time. You are an ally, therefore your thoughts and your takes are irrelevant.

Stop colonizing our lives, our deaths, and our work.

us pol, protests, donation links, :boost_ok:​ 

the hypocrisy of white fragility 

We just got a switch, which means we've had Smash Bros in the house for the first time in a while, and I was inspired to do Fighter Reveal cards for our tabletop RPG characters.

pics are hidden for bladed weapons, projectile weapons, and drawn eye contact

Sharing protestor images/film!!!! 

no one is free of bad opinions.

you can be a great person and occasionally still run across Some Bullshit buried deep within you because you grew up in a society that is FULL of fucked-up opinions about POC (esp. BIPOC), queer people, trans people, fat people, disabled people, etc.

when people call you out for this, your job is to listen and sit with what you have been told, not to kneejerk and pull away.

you want to talk about doing the work? *that's* the work.

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there is no way to protest that won't get you vilified — remember kaepernick? — because, and get this, the system is built to resist being changed. peace is not an option

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I need help moving out of my abusive parents' house. they're fed up of dealing with their traumatized daughter and have started progressively piling on increased demands that make me shut down harder. I'm afraid they're building up their excuse to kick me out and claim it's my fault for 'not cooperating'.

I have a plan: I'm applying for jobs in the city where my college friends live, and they can let me crash on their couch while I look for apartments. I think my boyfriend can drive me up, and we're looking at moving in together although possibly not at the same time. But the money I have right now might only cover my deposit on a new place.

I know that right now is a terrible time to be asking for money. There's bail funds to be supporting. But if you can spare help for me, I'd be so, so grateful.

Venmo: @ MadisonSeaver
CashApp: $byttyrs

Boosts welcome. 💛

Minnesota Freedom Fund does not have a Venmo. If you see anything about donating to MFF's Venmo, that's fake

MFF is recommending these other crowdfunds, as apparently they're overwhelmed by donations themselves

Black Visions

Reclaim the Block

Unicorn Riot (to be clear, UR is an independent media company, not an NGO)

hi all, the minnesota freedom fund (which afaict is getting a lot of the donation traffic) has recommended also donating to reclaim the block ( and black visions collective (, both of them local mutual aid organizations

if you're in the same boat as me (i.e. getting a paycheck from a tech job today) consider whether you've got the resources to keep giving, including if you've already made a donation

here's the tweet where they request this btw:

BLM, death mention 

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