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sometimes putting one hand over the other is enough to overstimulate me and it's wild and stressful to know that there are large swathes of people who don't know that they have the right to re-negotiate their boundaries of touch

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well, the poss starts yelling and they don't stop yelling

Racist trans-hating patent trolls (and links to help) 

Shop Enby has shared more about their case... they’ve raised their gofundme goal for legal fees because Wildflower Sex (the company that claims they own the word “enby”) has doubled down, and is demanding Shop Enby surrender their entire business, including access to their website and all accounts/passwords.

Update on Instagram:

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My hand is still healing from surgery, so I won't be able to work the rest of 2020 due to a hand injury, and both of my live-in partners haven't had much luck with their job searches. COVID is really bad in Oklahoma right now as is the economy.

We will probably make rent, but not much else. Thanks for that COVID relief, US government!

My unemployment runs out soon, too. That definitely isn't great.

Job leads (remote dev work or Tulsa-area jobs) would be most welcome and donations would be definitely appreciated.

imagine how much happier we'd all be if advertising were just illegal

Despite our internet being not so good at the moment we're going to give this a shot with jackbox. Join us!


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begpost, boosts+ 

Hello, welcome back to The Alanae Have No Money, "This Time We're Super Fucked" Edition.

So, we've been fucked for months now because some unexpected dental expenses wiped out all our savings. We haven't been able to get back on our feet in any way since then. In fact, it just gets worse. We have medical expenses out the wazoo, and this time we have an electric bill (they're gonna cut it off if we don't pay) and car taxes due by the end of the month and absolutely nothing to pay them with, and somehow we still have to feed ourself, our partner, and our toddler.

If you could contribute anything to help us out, that would be so very very appreciated. Boosts would be great too!

venmo: aderynop
cashapp: AlanaDeryn

Kind thanks to all 💜 💙

so i hate to do this but seeing as everyone is taking their sweet time getting back to me about jobs, i really don't have anywhere else to turn...

i'm actively seeking employment, and actively getting return phone calls, but no one has extended an offer for employment yet and at this point im scared we wont make bills THIS month, let alone next month...

we will probably just make rent, but wont be able to pay much else.

even if i got a job literally TODAY, my first paycheck could be 3+ weeks out. I'm doing everything i can.

I am desperate, and completely at the mercy of the world.

I am asking that anyone who can, please help me make bills and not be homeless! i am trying so hard and i'm still applying for jobs every day, but until i formally receive employment, we are dead broke.

Please. Anything you can spare helps...

Cashapp: $plausocks

Hey our internet connection seems to be working again. Which i guess means Luigi gets to be terrified again.

Let's continue the haunting in Luigi's Mansion 3.



Help colonized comrades! The rent is due tomorrow, anything y'all can give can help!

me, mired helplessly in my own problems: damn I sure wish that I could solve your problems :(

This is my art, what I like to do.

I find garden statues I like, and I paint them, sometimes against the author's intent.

The princess's nightmare was over and the creature was dead. She didn't even care that her sundress was ruined.

CW for blood, implied violence involving a (victorious) child.


the kind of mommy issues that make you want a mommy domme vs the kind of mommy issues that make you want anything but that

It's time to learn the power of the Monado again.

Xenoblade continues next.


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good thing: non-binary folk with dark, visible facial hair and beards

better thing: gently stroking said facial hair

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good thing: big soft tummies

better thing: big soft tummies getting gentle pets

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