I still think dinosaurs were cool, no matter how they may have looked or sounded


I have a feeling that many of the people dismissing honking dinosaurs as “not scary” have never been near an angry goose

(to clarify: this is a lighthearted joke; I can understand that honking dinosaurs seem goofy, but I like them anyway! also angry geese are impressively intimidating, good on them!)

now, consider the following: jurassic park where all the dino noises have been overdubbed with the appropriately equivalent goose sounds

despite all the inconvenience and/or fear they may cause, I can’t help but like geese anyway

@variance ...actually, if I was slightly better at audio editing, I would 100% do this.

@variance tbh there's also the bassy gator growl option which is v ominous and spooky too..!!

@douglasfur @variance Honestly, at the scale of a T-Rex, the distinction between a honk and a roar has more to do with how the sound is made and for what reasons than with how terrifying it is.

@anarchiv absolutely! I meant more in general that animals that honk can still be intimidating; this was a lighthearted/joke-y sort of post

@variance @anarchiv A goose is still the only animal I've ever seen purposefully attack a moving minivan.

@variance I've sort of reached the point now where naked dinosaurs just look ridiculous and not scary, like a being chased by a plucked chicken.

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