was going to make a big flag for the trans pride march, but I left it to the last minute so I think I'll make a sign instead

what should the sign say? (mastodon poll)
I will rephrase them to make more sense, masto's poll character limit is very short

@SuricrasiaOnline I like the message and typesetting! but it might be too much text to put on a sign for a march

@variance @SuricrasiaOnline what if you put the dates? with the thing next to them?, then just NOT EXPERIMENTAL at the bottom?


@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline ooo that could work! thinking more about it I might’ve been nitpicking that sign a bit bc it should still scan fine in still photographs and the like. (I could overthink signs for hours lmao)

@variance @SuricrasiaOnline colours might help parts of it stand out a bit too, which btw i have tons of markers if you want any blackle

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance i think i liked the centered better - with the name-left-number-right it's actually kinda hard to line up which number goes with what, not "really" hard but it does make the brain skip a beat and have to catch up

maybe consider bolding all four numbers though?

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance and possibly underlining the "not"

anyway i think i've seen the rest of the thread (whatever federated anyway) i think th centered one is the best

honestly, unpopular opinion i'm kinda tired of the pattern of emphasizing *not* really hard.

i feel like it would make the sign feel a bit unbalanced, maybe just underline the whole last but? maybe italics?

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance

@binarycat @lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance it's ugly but every time someone makes a conscious decision to avoid emphasizing it two people will read something for the first time and fail to see it

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