was going to make a big flag for the trans pride march, but I left it to the last minute so I think I'll make a sign instead

what should the sign say? (mastodon poll)
I will rephrase them to make more sense, masto's poll character limit is very short

@SuricrasiaOnline my lived experience with gps of ontario may be biasing me here but I really like this one

medical malpractice 

@variance @SuricrasiaOnline yeah same. i literally took the sherbourne guide to my gp, he looked at it and then revealed that his coworker's daughter wrote it, then said he still wasn't comfortable prescribing and made me wait nine months to get referred to Toronto lol


medical malpractice 

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline lmfao extremely similar experience on my end! I used a school computer to print the entire wpath standards of care and my gp refused to prescribe me and only then tried to actually refer me lmfao (though he had no connection to the writers)

then I ended up using that printed book anyway to advise a campus doctor whom I had to convince to monitor my hormones bc the prescriber I found myself was remote lmfao

now I have a new gp thankfully!

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