alright I guess I’m doing the october drawing challenge but in a casual noncommittal way

anyway here’s day 1 - gargoyle. not sure if I’ll try to do robots every day but this is what I came up with for now


continuing with robots for now; day 2 - scurry

day 5 - flame

alternate title: combustible head

(don’t worry, they’re built for this)

day 8 - match

I don’t know anything about tennis but I Tried

whoops this one is really muddy but ah well my bird sona is in it. (my sona is actually human-sized so just imagine this is a really big nest and tree)

day 9 - nest

day 10 - crabby

realized I forgot to do it just now so all I have is a quick sketch today

I only have energy for a 2-minute sketch so that’s what I’m posting for day 11 - eagle

day 18 - scrape

this vehicle is called a scraper. it’s used for excavating and moving earth

I couldn’t get this image out of my head so now you all have to look at it

day 19 - ponytail

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@variance omggg aster i love this it makes me feel so happy 🥰

@photophoregirl hell yeah, as I was drawing this I was thinking that a bean bag shaped like one would be fun

@variance absolutely amazing! Also, I love the wave's head (or whatever the frontmost part is called)

@variance oh! oh! we had one of those on our farm to pull behind a big tractor and smooth out drainage ditches

@variance ok i LOVE this one it reminds me of an x-files episode lol

@sunflower ty!!! also dang I really need to watch more x-files sometime, I’ve only seen a few episodes

@variance it’s an episode i think you would enjoy! there’s robot bugs in it and it’s just all around a weird funny episode

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