my art definitely suffers a lot when I don’t do a sketch of some sort underneath it first but I admire people who are able to just Draw A Thing with pen right away and just commit to lines etc so I’m trying to work on doing that

but lol line control whom

also hmm I should try some shading on my next piece. maybe use a thinner pen to crosshatch, or possibly a grey mildliner? so far I’ve just been using a black felt tip pen and a brush tip marker

part of my problem is that I’ve had pieces that I like the look of and then I add shading and they look “ruined”

I enjoy using ballpoint bc it allows for more subtlety with shading but it also allows me to be flaky with my lines because it’s so faint so I’m trying to do without it


ah dang on the other hand if I make these too involved then I’ll get tired of doing them faster so maybe not haha

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