literally unskateable what the fuck!!!!! no wonder my right foot was slipping today!!!

pretty sure this is a “get new blades” situation I’m so mad

thankfully my skates are really shitty (cheap) and kinda old so it’s not a massive loss but welp I guess I’ve reached the “only get professionals to sharpen your skates” stage smdh

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went with the complementary colour but a void (as others suggested) would be fun too

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my phone says it’s 32 decibels. the noise floor in my apartment is louder than this (around 60 decibels from the heating). and yet I hear it. though so does my phone. you can literally see the alarm beeps here which is neat but holy hell. it is still going. it has been ages

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knit shawl update: it is now so wide that I can’t fully stretch it out while it’s on the needles and I have to stand on a chair to photograph it

anyway here's a cleaner coward pride flag; if you want an svg version, you'll have to provide me with guidance on how to throw an svg in your direction because I don't have any sort of web hosting of my own rn bc I'm terminally offline I Guess

and finally wrapping it up with day 31 - farm! happy halloween!

this is the first time I’ve made it the whole month, so even though it’s largely very simple sketches, I’m glad I did it!

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day 28 - camping

brush tip markers are really fun to work with, actually

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you know who has a great robot design? giant clank

I mean, also just regular clank but hell yeah giant clank. it's always a great time when a robot gets to pilot a mech torso

almost forgot to post so here’s a 1-minute one for 26 - ego

(going for the “big-headed” metaphor here)

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25 - tempting

I really don’t feel like drawing today but I could really go for some bubble tea right now

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I did not like this prompt so I’m not doing much for it but oh well

23 - booger

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I couldn’t get this image out of my head so now you all have to look at it

day 19 - ponytail

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day 18 - scrape

this vehicle is called a scraper. it’s used for excavating and moving earth

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