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vanta selfie (cw: gender terrorism, eye contact) 


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day one: the taciturn guardian signifies something in your life that needs tender protection and care
reversed: it is time to let things go

day two: the impious oracle can mean that you feel judged or ridiculed for steps you are taking in your life
reversed: you are the cause of your own discord

#inktober #artober #mastoart

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owo how do I work this? uwu where is that large automobile? ówò this is not my beautiful house! ÒwÓ THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE!!

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crossposting a funding request 

#mutualaid xpost, help emily quinn get home
venmo: @dustin-quinn-16
cashapp: $emilyannquinn
chime: $emilyquinn

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money (-), urgent help needed 

I am a disabled queer who has limited avenues for work right now and despite the work I am doing right now, I'm running dangerously low on money to the point where I can't really buy food right now, any help would be appreciated x.x



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i finished my first #Looptober
nothing fancy here, just getting my head back into the synth zone

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Black single mother facing homelessness sleeping in my car with my 1yr old son , hoping to raise $989 to get a room for the month.

Cash App $Leahleo1
Venmo @ leahleo

alright I guess I’m doing the october drawing challenge but in a casual noncommittal way

anyway here’s day 1 - gargoyle. not sure if I’ll try to do robots every day but this is what I came up with for now

okay fuck it I'm gonna try the october drawing challenge

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I am sick of all of this, but hey folks, I gotta beg for money again. my shelter just moved us all and the shower trailer won't be operational for a few days. I am nasty and I need to work Monday morning! I am so sick of having to call out due to water/power issues.

if I could get like $90 before Sunday night, I could get a motel room (they're all expensive in town) and shower and change and be fine. is there any chance?
CashApp/Venmo $nuktibromos

thank y'all 🤎

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Hey! Started A GoFundMe to try and raise some money so that I don't have to cancel my trip to see my girlfriend in November after my hours got cut at my job recently.

Would appreciate any help.

anyway it was fine and I wasn’t scared at any point or anything like that it’s just funny that having my scooter with me just seems to introduce a chaoticness multiplier to all my random social interactions

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worth mentioning that I knew he was joking but I must’ve just replied so drily that they thought I didn’t know they were joking?

anyway then the bro said “it’s okay, I’m just kidding” and gave me a bro-ish shoulder slap and wished me a good evening and I wished them the same

as I walked away I heard them imitating my wordless shrug noise and laughing. I mean, what else was I supposed to reply? presumably another joke but that’s not worth the effort

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we walk into the elevator, one of the bros is blocking the buttons. one of his friends tells him to move and I ask him to get my floor because my hands are full with my scooter and bubble tea. he obliges and I thank him. they’re all very giggly

bro: can I have your bubble tea?
me: uh, no
bro: why?
me: this thing costed like, -checks label- 7 bucks
bro: so?
me: -noncommittal shrug and wordless “I dunno” noise-

all the bros find this hilarious for some reason

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so I went outside to explore and I’ll post about that but first. lmao I had the weirdest elevator interaction with some gym bros

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