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big multilimbed snagon, eye contact in art 

@chr did a *lovely* rendition of this snagon :3

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Not feeling up to SGDQ, gonna mute it for the week, those of you livetooting please be mindful and tag it as such in some form

@zaradragon Don't understand why people don't CW their posts. It takes all of a couple seconds and it's not censoring, it's giving time to prepare to read something without having to immediately reject it out of anxiety.

it's fucking great that it's impossible to escape the news anywhere because people refuse to fucking cw their shit

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Everyone would be better off if we didn't exist

mh - 

could use some hugs and reassurance tbh

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not feeling well tonight. nonsensical loneliness and fear

we made friends with an extremely sweet set of kittens today

kind of gently experimentally gave one a chinrub to see how he felt about it and he melted into our arms.

assistance request, semi-urgent 

hi, we could really use some food money tonight. our partners @pillowcat just got done with a traffic court hearing that punished them for something that wasn't really their fault and we want to get something to give them a rest so they don't have to cook tonight and can sort of recover from the bad news
-zara 🐍 🐉

boosts appreciated

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