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Affection talk 

If it's not obvious by now. I'm a huge advocate for consensual platonic affection, especially kisses.

If you want one from pup just ask and I shall deliver! :3

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I throw out terms or endearment and affection very casually and loosely, as seen here. If I accidentally do it to you and it makes you uncomfortable do tell me. The last thing I want to do is accidentally push someone away

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I think I should do a proper introduction.

Hello all! My name is Axel. I'm a husky!

My pronouns are he/him. I am a 27 year old asexual nerd who's into space, video games, retro tech, diy electronics, 3d printing, raspberry pis, ham radio, vinyl records, enamel pins, the band Barenaked Ladies, being a furry, and just, well, being me!

I'm pup! Come and say hello!

everything you can reach me is at

stop using discord as a wiki
stop using discord as a forum
stop using discord as a file host
stop using discord as a storefront

discord is an instant messenger
it is a centrally hosted cloud service
it will eventually shut down
it has no archival functionality

moving away from IRC was a mistake
anti-discord action

Fedifriends! Any last minute tips for someone who’s soon to move to another country (next week)?

Anything goes: safety concerns, how to be comfortable on the (long) trip, things to do before / after moving, etc

Made this beautiful artwork for me. I love it... Thank you so much fluffy pie
:blobfoxheart: :blobfoxsignbigfan: :blobfoxwhoaa:


All tech people should be forced to test their fancy new software on 5-year-old hardware with a rural internet connection.

Pup still waiting for a good thunderstorm to test out the franklinator.

I want lightning! :D


Tomorrow I get to go to the science center!!! Excited

Food talk 

1 hour until chinese buffet :3

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