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I throw out terms or endearment and affection very casually and loosely, as seen here. If I accidentally do it to you and it makes you uncomfortable do tell me. The last thing I want to do is accidentally push someone away

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I think I should do a proper introduction.

Hello all! My name is Axel. I'm a husky!

My pronouns are he/him. I am a 27 year old asexual nerd who's into space, video games, retro tech, diy electronics, 3d printing, raspberry pis, ham radio, vinyl records, enamel pins, the band Barenaked Ladies, being a furry, and just, well, being me!

I'm pup! Come and say hello!

everything you can reach me is at

hey, folks who use an ipad for art: are the paperlike/frosted screen protectors worth it?

i think im going to take the rest of the niight to myself. if you need me dont hesitate to poke me. i just need a mental health recharge.

ilu all. take care.

mh vent 

i have had a bad spiral with anxiety and rejection dysphoria today im so sorry.

Affection request 

I could use a hug tbh

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