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If you've been around me a bit, you've probably noticed I can spiral really easily. Especially with rejection sensitive dysphoria. I think it's causing people to not bring up stuff that bothers them as a result, so I'd like to ask you do so anyway:

-I don't spiral in ways that cause me to get angry at people.
-I don't want to treat my friends as expendable. I'd rather spiral than suddenly lose people.

I can't help what I don't notice needs working on, and I'm not good at reading discomfort.

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Posting this bit of encouragement by so I can pin it and cherish it. :P

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My fursona and stuff 

Hey here's my fursona Petra:

-Bat, not otherwise specified.
-Sex/gender changes along with my fluidity, but a girl the majority of the time. Same with pronouns (going between they/them and she/her, but either is good usually).
-Very affectionate, will likely hug you and more if you allow them/her to.
-Probably likes singing.
-The hair is a recent development. I don't have a lot of suitable art to show.

Second image is by who is wonderful. 💜

:3 💜

Turns out heroforge is a good site for making stuff you'd be gay for

Gotta wonder how many field-specific terms people are hesitant to use now because they abbreviate to NFT

Are there any plurals here? We would like to meet more people :ablobcathappypaws:


I found Webbed on steam and I might need this in my life

RCT posting 

This guest is in the process of leaving the map at the start of the Crumbly Woods scenario but


Penny is a dang rollercoaster juggernaut

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RCT posting 

This one guest came into the park (free), bought a park map (90 cents) and umbrella (20 euro), and then left without riding anything

A PhD researcher at the University of Huddersfield is looking for intersex people over 50 across Europe:

If you're dating someone it's not just personal growth, it can also be quality of wife improvements.

🚨 roommate needs funds for cross country move! 🚨

if you have a tumblr, a reblog would be appreciated!

signal boost, long post, roommate is looking for temporary housing in the PDX area [1/2] 

copypasted from their twitter:

"I guess it wouldn’t hurt to reach out here but, I am looking for temporary housing in the Portland PDX area for roughly 3 months starting next month. I just need a place to start working a job so when the rest of my household is ready to move in 3 months, we will have more of a Solid footing when it comes to applying for apartments. It will be easier to save too," [cont]

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