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If you've been around me a bit, you've probably noticed I can spiral really easily. Especially with rejection sensitive dysphoria. I think it's causing people to not bring up stuff that bothers them as a result, so I'd like to ask you do so anyway:

-I don't spiral in ways that cause me to get angry at people.
-I don't want to treat my friends as expendable. I'd rather spiral than suddenly lose people.

I can't help what I don't notice needs working on, and I'm not good at reading discomfort.

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Posting this bit of encouragement by so I can pin it and cherish it. :P

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My fursona and stuff 

Hey here's my fursona Petra:

-Bat, not otherwise specified.
-Sex/gender changes along with my fluidity, but a girl the majority of the time. Same with pronouns (going between they/them and she/her, but either is good usually).
-Very affectionate, will likely hug you and more if you allow them/her to.
-Probably likes singing.
-The hair is a recent development. I don't have a lot of suitable art to show.

Second image is by @softgoat who is wonderful. πŸ’œ

:3 πŸ’œ

Something I particularly hate on mastodon/twitter is when someone posts an opinion they disagree with and the only clue that they're taking the piss is that you already have to be familiar with their opinions.

Invariably that person then gets incredulous when people misinterpret which position they're meant to be taking.

So did the guy from Prince of Persia know he lived on top of a giant deathtrap of a dungeon or was that a nasty surprise for him?

ranting over person in my e-mails 

me: i need x service to do y thing for me. hmm... company z seems like it should do the trick, i'll use them
me: *signs up, does exactly what they needed*
person from company z in my inbox for the following few weeks: Hi Holly, we want to talk with you about all the things you can do with company z! Have a date on your calendar you're willing to discuss your project with a complete and total stranger? I'm sure it won't be a waste of either of our time, as obviously your project has to be more complicated than doing something small for yourself! Also if you don't respond, that's fine, but I won't take the hint and will continue to send you repeated requests for a meeting :)

It's the currently fashionable container for first aid supplies 

in case of emergency

No context quote 

"...and to be thoroughly reductive about the process..."

I love that

lewd joke 

incidentally also the range of anime boob movement

Coincidence? :thowo:

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Really curious what sort of stuff they trained that wombo ai on

It seems to understand some basic Performing To The Camera music video stuff, but most things it spit out are at best overly fluid and moving all the time and at worst just jarring and unending jiggling.

Dragon who maintains a chart on all the crushes and polycules in her local kobold swarm.

Not just for the fun of it, but because they're all a bunch of shy gay disasters and they all use her as a confidante so she doesn't want to let out anything secret.

Wouldn't be rimworld if I didn't randomly get 10 chickens

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