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If you've been around me a bit, you've probably noticed I can spiral really easily. Especially with rejection sensitive dysphoria. I think it's causing people to not bring up stuff that bothers them as a result, so I'd like to ask you do so anyway:

-I don't spiral in ways that cause me to get angry at people.
-I don't want to treat my friends as expendable. I'd rather spiral than suddenly lose people.

I can't help what I don't notice needs working on, and I'm not good at reading discomfort.

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Posting this bit of encouragement by so I can pin it and cherish it. :P

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My fursona and stuff 

Hey here's my fursona Petra:

-Bat, not otherwise specified.
-Sex/gender changes along with my fluidity, but a girl the majority of the time. Same with pronouns (going between they/them and she/her, but either is good usually).
-Very affectionate, will likely hug you and more if you allow them/her to.
-Probably likes singing.
-The hair is a recent development. I don't have a lot of suitable art to show.

Second image is by who is wonderful. 💜

:3 💜


How can 3 onions turn into so little stuff?

I feel there's a law of conservation of onion being broken here

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The smell has taken on a strong component that is very weird for an onion to have

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food, no context 

"Maybe we just have to reduce the monster energy down into a delightful sauce."

A doo wop, a doobie doo wop
A doo wop, a doobie doo wop
A doo wop, a doobie doo wop
King. Of. Lim. Bo.

Indigenous land defenders fighting Trans Mountain pipeline face jail time and need cash to fight an upcoming court case.

Just found out about the venus girdle, basically a translucent and biolumenescent ribbon for an animal

I feel like the oceans should be credited with inventing abstract art really

Limbo Of The Lost couldn't have ended better than it did

10/10 ending for the context

So if jorts are a diminuitive version of jeans, it stands to reason there's a similar (possibly extinct) relative of shorts called sheans.

Apparently I'm watching thereportoftheweek again

He seems to have gotten pretty jaded

no context 

"So not being poisonous is a very good reason to make a sausage out of it"

And I'm never gonna commemorate highly esteemed deeds again

Irradiated feet have got no honour

*the saxophone part cuts in because I don't know how to continue the bit*

space station thirteen, the only game where you can file bug reports about as-fast-as-you-can-click monkey screams, invisible items, and buttbots escaping containment back to back

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